Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Bean bags and the secret of counting

What do beans have to do with learning maths? Put them into bags of ten and find out.

As spring springs spritely along, the children have returned to counting. As the world about them multiplies and divides they too learn how to do the same with numbers. Far from being the dull and tedious exercise which i remember in my childhood, this foray into the world of numbers is filled with colour and imagination. They put together bags of ten and have now learnt how to add mentally - and subtract as well.

Money bags!!

On the blackboard Tracey has given them exercises to do.

Into the Maths main lesson book go the numbers, money bags and of course, toadstools...

From the nature table---the blue bell fairy peaks her pretty little head.

Colour pencils line up like faithful soldiers at the ready.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Planting time

It's been weeks only because we have been off for the Easter. And last week i managed to get the class on their first late day - Thursday. They now stay back till 3 pm. The subject Tracy is doing for Thursday afternoon is gardening. Here the class are in their little veg plot.

John McCormick doing an interview with his future employees...