Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Numbers and geometry

Timetables that magically appeared over the weekend

Dressed up for the maypole

Snails and spirals

Trolls and ogres...

Taking attendance in the morning.

Recorder playing in the morning as part of verse.

When they're a little older maybe they'll play for the maypole dance!!

Queen of May's throne

Presentation of flowers

Kindergarten beautiful in flowers

Here come the boyz

Quiet appreciation from Class One

May Queen accepts the flowers

How gorgeous is that?

Enthroned and surrounded by her offerings

Class One takes to their paces

Multiplication is the order of the day as the summer arrives and things rapidly reproduce themselves. The classroom is in a mini upheaval with woodlice hotels, snail stops and spider houses. The children are mad about the mini beasts that have invaded and i am now told that there is a race of sorts to get as many of these things as possible. Oisin has begun a woodlice box which we feed with apple peelings and keep moist and dark. Zora has over fifty woodlice, we are reliably informed.

I took Jago and Oisin over to Rathlin Island and it was fantastic to hear how the maths lessons have been taking root in their awareness. They were happily subtracting and adding almost without thinking - considering that i've never ever done homework with him, it's almost like magic.

After the mid term break, they'll be back to their letters. And then by the end of June, they'll be done. I can't quite believe it. That will be class one done.

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