Saturday, 22 December 2007

Christmas plays

In the 'green room'. All ready to go.

Biscuits await the end of the play.

Candles and satsumas

Taking their bows.

The nativity scene, almost complete...

Little gnomies visit the manger...

tolstoy's Vanya and the Greenfinches grace the bookshelf with candles...

More candles - these were all used for the counting lessons which they had in the last month.

Captured in chalk - the warmth and comfort of the Holy Family

It was a Christmas play we were promised, and i arrived expecting some variation on the nativity. But it was really not that at all. In fact, there were no cows, donkeys or wise men. Tracy had selected something which appealed to the mythic, fairytale and child in all of us.

The story was about Mary weaving the coat of the Christchild. She receives gold thread from the stars, but this is not enough and the coat falls apart. However the angels of the children of earth bring to her the good deeds of the children which are transformed into gold thread which then hold the coat together. All the seasons, the children's weaving they have been doing, the passing of the seasons and time which the children had been learning were all reflected in the story.

The class was also decorated specially for the occassion. The manger was almost complete and Tracy had drawn a chalk picture of the holy family on the board. The candles which the children had used to do their counting over the last two weeks were transformed into glowing jewelled lanterns that were placed around the class. After the play we were all treated to cookies and satsumas - and juice - all organic, of course. School ended for the season on Friday and there was an assembly and a wonderful party after that. Unfortunately i was stuck in Comber and didn't manage to get there in time. But going by the high spirits that we encountered as we waved goodbye, i think a good time was had by all. And that's what's it's about isn't it?

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