Thursday, 6 December 2007

St Nicholas Day

Star suncatchers...

Children wait in the woods for St Nicholas. The school buildings are not only beautiful, but also holds a small forest/wood. If a child went to kindergarten, s/he would have played in it and know every tree and shrub by the time s/he reaches class one. Here they wait beneath the bare trees, practising their song for St Nicholas.

Here he is! Receiving gifts from the classes of pictures and decorations.

They bring him into the warmth to sit down and...

...they sing to German!!!

Watercolour painting of apple candles.

As part of the run up to Christmas, the children go out to the woods to greet St Nicholas. His festival day is celebrated on the continent on 6 December and the stress on the non material gift is very important. Children give Nicholas things they have made and they also gift him with a poem or songs. Nicholas in return gives them each a satsuma. The fruit symbolises the colour and warmth of the sun which is now fast disappearing and will soon make its return, past the winter solstice. The children now look forward to the Advent festival this coming Saturday.

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Anita said...

just discovered this site from our e-broadsheet .Great idea loved the the photos of all the children .No grumpy looks on leons face which is pleasing ( were you calling him steph ? ) Well done class one on such a colorful and wonderful website. Its good to see the children's world at school and to be informed of all the happenings.