Friday, 18 January 2008

The three kings bring angel letters

The Three Kings that are now a display on the main board in school.

Here they are, three candles on the nature table that has been decorated with gold and jewels. Gnomes are away now and only reappear in spring.

The angel letters in their own right.

Better view of the display board

Tissue paper pictures of apples, etc.

Knitting continues for the recorder cases.

Basket of recorders that the children use when learning the pentatonic scale.

Last week i was dosed with the cold, so apologies for not having anything up. However the main lesson over the last two weeks has been the epiphany and the gift of the vowels, or as Tracey calls them, Angel letters. This is because the vowels are the sounds of awe and wonder. They are singing We Three Kings and the chorus goes 'Star of Wonder, Star of Light...' and in the chorus they recognise the sound that these letters make.

So over the last week they've been dressing up as the Three Kings and playing with the sounds. They've also been playing their recorders, discovering the pentatonic scale. Tracey's hoping that next week they'll get out to do the writing on basketball court. On Monday, Tracey will be going through Oisin's work with us. Already she's said there has been such a big difference between when he began in October and now. He's work has really come on. And that's also true for the rest of the class.

Finally, last week we were gifted with an incredible wax and watercolour painting of the epiphany. The link between Christmas and the New Year continues apace. It is not simply something which stands on its own, but is part of the fabric and tapestry of our lives. Mathematics, music, drama, singing, literacy, dance, science and exercise all are part of the same continuum. Each discipline is like a single spoke on the wheel and the wheel spins round and round, further and further out, like the spirals which the children traced at the start of Advent. We are part of a community, the individual a mirror of the whole - in whom the light of the entire is then reflected.

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