Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Some highlights from all class work on Open Day

There were so many beautiful images from the day. Here are just some of them.

Class Two
In Class Two the Saints and fables play a big part in the children's work. Here they learn about kindness and compassion...Fiona who's the class 2 teacher also put here three children through the school. One's a mother, another's a contemporary ballet dancer and one's doing her PhD.

Class Three
'How we are to live' sums up the work done in Class Three. The Creation, food and home making, agriculture and the farmer, our relationship to and care of the land form the basis of work done here. Students start learning about looking after plants and crops. They also learn how to cook. While so-called domestic science is learned in the state school after the ages of 12, in the Steiner school, children start when they are 10. While state schools were busy closing theirs in the last ten years, we have always had a kitchen and i have a feeling we always will. Recently, schools have been asked to reintroduce ''home economics' because children have little idea about nutrition.

Class Four
Gabriel is the Class Four teacher. Each teacher stays with the class all the way till Class Eight. This means that a deep commitment is built up amongst teacher, parent and student. Teachers and students also do not have to take the first two months getting to know each other.

Class Five
Class Five were doing civilsations. Enkidu, Enki and the Gilgamesh were the subjects of this week.

The nature table with Bhudda. Satish Kumar said that his mother once said that trees are wiser than Bhudda. How could a tree be wiser than Bhudda? he asked her. Teh wisest man to come out of India. She replies, Even Bhudda received his enlightenment under a tree.

the children write on clay tablets with reed pens. I remember reading about the Mesopotamians when i was 13 and it was all words. At 10 they are not only learning about the 'cradle of civilisation' but writing as the ancients did.

Class Eight - 13/14 years

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