Friday, 15 February 2008

Snowdrops, snowdrops

Not to be outdone, the camillas too peep out in the early spring sunshine.

The snowdropos have been out for a few weeks now. I missed their arrival. In fact, i think they arrived on the day i was complaining about February and how winter lasted forever - and Judith, another mother told me, think snowdrops!!

The children have been working with snowdrops since 2 February, as missives of spring. Songs about spring, snowdrops, blackbirds and green trees errupt every now and then - in between the battles played out by various transformers, of course. But i thought that rather then just concentrate on the childen's creations, that we'd have some of the quiet splendour that the school grounds hold. And the hundreds of blossoms that like their namesakes, dapple the green in a tender dream of white.

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