Friday, 1 February 2008

Spring is coming!

The noticeboard was changed to reflect St Brigid's Day. Despite the hail, sleet and snow, snowdrops peeped through the grass at the foot of the sycamore trees and dafodills which were planted in the autumn began poking their yellow tresses through the green.

Gnomes are already beginning to make their appearance. Having hibernated through the winter, they will certainly turn up after the 2nd, Tracy informs me. I can't wait!!

In the main lesson, reading continued apace, and the verse this time was

Birds in the air
Fishes in the sea
Stones on the land
I'm in God's hands.

Beneath that were the words Cat Bat Hat - all written by the children in strong definite hands. I said to Tracey today, i would love to do an article about how Steiner parents who have never been through the system need nerves of steel. While your child's contemporaries are writing in diaries, they are just beginning on the journey. But what a journey it already has been!

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