Sunday, 9 March 2008

Easter parade - or 101 things you can do with eggs

Sometimes, in the midst of all the preparations, we can forget why we have the lovely festivals that we do.

Here's why i think they're so fab...

Firstly they are just pain old fun. Secondly, the kids love them. Thirdly, they raise the money and give us good PR, but i think personally the most important reason is the way in which they are intergrated into the curriculum.

Documenting the last few months has made me appreciate how the children, especially in the Lower School, are so much integrated into the Wheel of the Year. And if you've followed the blog, you'd have noticed that the festivals are the crest of the rhythmic waves which begin in small observances and finish off at the festivals. Also the community and openness which this means that the school has is so essential to the Steiner ethos of society, thinking of others, the sociability and personality as well.

So it's more than just about the money or PR. It's about who we are as a school. That's what it means for me anyways. And so, despite all the hardwork, i do look forward to the day. I also look forward to hear how much we took. Despite the weather, it was a pretty good turn out.

So yes, yours truly was out there snapping away. If you missed the fair, or missed parts of it because there were so many, here are some of the highlights. Enjoy!!

The parents crafts stall offers some of the most angelic confections...


Good enough to eat

Basket making

Felted chickadees

Easter gardens

Lyre playing at the puppet show

Washing up - behind the scenes...

Egg candles

Easter branches

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