Friday, 14 March 2008

Last day before Easter break

Nature was the main lesson over the last five weeks. It began with the story of spring and the children prepared these beautiful books. Seeds were sown, the season was observed, eggs were painted, etc, etc.

This verse, for instance was read by the children. It is vital that not only nature is studied, but that it also informs all the other subjects that they do - in this case reading. It is this interconnectivity that is unique to the curriculum, reinforcing what is learnt during that period of time, both vertically and horizontally, thereby giving the children a deeper and more profound understanding of what is being taught.

The Easter egg tree, decorated and painted by the children.

Lis, the German assistant, left today, as her stint was over with the school. But she also left this verse which sums up Class One.

Here is Kolya's amazing gnome book!!! It should be published really...

Here are the Main Lesson results - the Spring story books.

Each child came up with two sentences of their own - and then did a drawing. In this one, Oisin said, The Mother Hen Awaits Her Chicks. And the drawing behind is a watercolour of a mother hen on her nest.

The seed trays were taken home to be tended to. Hopefully they WILL sprout.

Lining up to sing their song at Assembly.

Spring is coming!!! was sung with great adorableness and a collective ahhh!!! errupted from the audience when they had done.

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anita said...

Hi all,
What nice photos. Say hello to everyone from my class.
Kolya Curran.